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Compliancy and Security issues with Web Browsers


The aim of IT Workshop designed sites are that the content should be available to any browser correctly implementing W3 standards. For their own security and surfing pleasure, we strongly recommend users of Microsoft Internet Explorer should consider using a different browser. We recommend Opera.

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Reasons why you should change today!

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer has had numerous security holes. Such security lapses with IE have been so bad that a number of security organisations such as CERT (the Computer Emergency Readiness Team, US Department of Homeland Security), "Microsoft Internet Explorer does not adequetely validate the security [of websites]...An attacker could exploit this vulnerability". The UK's NISCC (National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre) and others have issued warnings (See BBC News release: http://news.bbc .co.uk/1/hi/technology/4440161.stm)

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer has had a blatant disregard for Web Standards. As a result the information may not be displayed correctly. Standards exist because the internet is a global phenomena and help enable someone surfing the internet in Canada to see the same web layout as that in France or Thailand (language variations excepted!). Without standards, designers would have to provide a multitude of pages for different browser types. Both HTML and CSS.

3. Microsoft IE was introduced in 1995 and other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera have come a long way since then while IE has struggled to keep up.

4. Microsoft has responded to insecurity by providing updates and patches. Internet Explorer's security has therefore improved significantly. Some say this means that IE is therefore far more secure than other browswers.

Thanks to the following sources for this information: www.geekgirls.com /net_better_browser.htm "Get a better browser"

The alternatives (Windows/Generic)

Apple Macs

For a comprehensive list of mac browsers visit: www.pure-mac.com/webb.html

For PowerPC's visit Tenfourfox: www.floodgap.com/ software/tenfourfox/


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